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We know you’re busy with the family and managing your business, and the holidays don’t make that any easier. We’d like to help.

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Happy Holidays!

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Repair Status Update Tool Spotlight

Customers get instant updates – You get to keep working

Easy. Awesome. FREE!

Repair Status Update Tool | FREE with Collision Websites | Interuption Free auto body repair status updatesYour customers want to know the status of their repair. All your customers do – all the time. And while you’d like to assure each customer that their repair is on track, the constant influx of calls gets tedious. And frankly, you have better things to do.

EASY. In fact, it does the work for you.

You can quickly – and more importantly, easily – keep your customers up to date with the status of their repair without ever picking up the phone. For Free. Our Repair Status Update tool does it for you. Fill out a few details when you start a job – or make your nephew do it. He’s online all the time anyway.

AWESOME. It’s basically magic.

Your customer will automagically receive an email or text message with the details and the job number. Anytime you want to make a change, they’ll receive another message automatically. They can also enter their last name and job number on your website’s Repair Status Update page to check in anytime. And you can keep doing what you love without interruption.

and FREE!

That’s it. Use it as much or as little as you like. It comes FREE with your Collision Websites’ site like a lot of other pretty awesome features. That’s just how we roll. Easy, affordable, and awesome. Just don’t tell our girlfriends.

You can check out the other cool features that a Collision Websites website comes with here, like up to 10 free email addresses and a free domain. Plus a mobile website. And an online estimate request form. Seriously. It’s pretty cool.

Call us toll free at 866-341-9636, email us at support@collisionwebsites.com or start a free 14-day trial now, no credit card required. You new site will be up in minutes.

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Auto Body Website Templates | November Special – 2 Months for the Price of 1

Collision Websites | Auto Body Website Templates

2 for 1 November Special | Auto Body Website Templates | Collision WebsitesIf you’ve tried us before, now’s the time to try us again. Previous Collision Websites Trial Users who start a new trial by the end of November 2014 will get 2 months of their fully upgraded auto body websites for the price of one!

The Collision Websites team has been hard at work to make our product even more awesome! We’ve updated all our themes (check out our Auto Body Websites Examples here), added new features, and made the sites load faster. We’ve also set up a better support system. You can visit our Help Desk, start support tickets, and call us toll free at 866-341-9636.

Here’s how it works | 2 for 1 Collision Websites Special

We’d love if you gave us another chance, so we’re running a special. Start a free 14 day trial – no credit card required. Add your logo, let us help you customize any of the content – sliders, text, pictures, etc. If you like what you see, upgrade and get the first two months for the price of one. That means upgrade by the end of November 2014 for $79.00 and don’t pay again until 2015.

To redeem this special, send an email to support@collisionwebsites.com when you upgrade with the code “2for1” in the subject and your shop name and URL in the body.

Ask us anything! We’re here to help you get your awesome new auto body websites up and running as easily as possible.


You see ugly websites everywhere, maybe you even have one. But, you can’t get it changed because your brother-in-law made it for you and you don’t have the heart to tell him it stinks. Maybe you do have the heart to tell him it stinks, but you don’t want to go down that path, because if you do you might not be able to stop and you wind up punching him in the nose and then you’ll get thrown in jail.

Don’t get thrown in jail. Get a website from us.

more awesomeness…


Websites are expensive. Who has time to mess with hiring a nephew professional to build a quality website? You’ve been there. High quality auto body websites with tons of custom features cost like a bazillion dollars. Who can afford that?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a high quality website with body shop specific custom features at an affordable price? Like today?

Good news! We’ve got you covered. And you can try it out for FREE!

more affordable…


Running a successful body shop is hard. Pleasing every customer is hard. Pretending you like all the insurance adjusters is hard. Let’s face it; most things in this business are hard! For example, have you ever tried to make one of those do-it-yourself websites? Talk about hard! And besides who has time for all that crap. You’re too busy trying to keep your sanity.

If it’s easy you want, you got it! It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

more about easy…

The “Sketchy” Site


Even for business owners, they must shop to fulfill their needs for home and the office.  As a business owner, do you ever come across a website and wonder how good the business really is based on the look and unappealing design of their website?  There are many websites that I have visited in the past 20 years.  I have literally moved on from one website to another to conduct my business on many occasions because the website and pages did not convey professionalism or seriousness.  When you see a “sketchy” site, you sometimes wonder if it is ran by the same people that send emails informing that you won a lottery in a different country.  And you didn’t even have to participate to win. The “Sketchy” Site continued

Let’s Sum it Up

1For those considering Collision Websites, but haven’t really taken that leap of faith, let’s cliff notes the operation for you.  You’re an auto body shop business that needs the public and community aware that you exist and the services you provide.  Everyone and their grandmother is online because it’s fast, available, and offers way more information than simply your shops name and phone number.  Collision Websites is a simple do-it-yourself auto body shop website maker with plenty of designs, areas for your content (the way you want it), and options to upload pictures of your shops work. Let’s Sum it Up continued

Are You Thinking About Skimping on Web Design Because of Costs?

5It is actually a pretty common occurrence to hear an auto body shop or collision center owner dismissing the power of the internet.  In particular websites, or at least website design, as well as social media which can really frighten an owner given that it is so readily available to the public.  That publicity, however, is exactly what a business and auto body shop should have in order to introduce their services and drum up business.  While social media already adorns a predetermined platform, a business website is an open canvas waiting to be painted with ideas, information, technology, and pictures. Are You Thinking About Skimping on Web Design Because of Costs? continued

What is the Customer Looking For?

8We know.  You get it.  Get online or your auto body shop doesn’t shine.  Your website is really just a convenient way to window shop without spending gas in a time efficient manner.  These days fast pace is increasing becoming a faster pace.  Customers want to get back into their routine or get back to whatever challenges they need to meet in order for their family to succeed.  Between work, errands, and taking Jr. to football practice, a potential customer wants and expects convenience, quickness, and a hassle-free way to do that window shopping. What is the Customer Looking For? continued