The Awesome in Website Advertising

signofthetimesWhen you think of your website, what do you envision?  Do you see it as a fancy way to locate your number and location or do you see it as the marketing and advertising tool that it really is?  What’s the difference, you may ask.  The difference is simple.  When you look in the phone book for a name and number, there it sits among the other names and numbers.  Bland and not saying anything about your auto body shop.  Instead, it really just says, here we sit among the other options of auto body shops.  Pick one, call, ask questions, and come by for an estimate. The Awesome in Website Advertising continued

Are You Overhauling Your Body Shop

autobodshopneonOut of the countless number of auto body shops, some will get a face-lift while others will be revamped into something completely new.  There will be new auto body shops in different locations and new auto body shops rebuilt in their same locations.  Some may just consider a new name or perhaps want to expand, while others may want to focus more on auto body painting and detailing rather than the collision side of vehicles.  Whatever reasons the change or fresh start and new venture, the fresh branding of the shop will also require a web presence that matches the new look and feel. Are You Overhauling Your Body Shop continued

Collision Center Spotlight

Clifford'sClifford’s Custom Collision

A website can be an auto body shop’s stage that performs by relaying information that would otherwise tie up the phones.  It shows your work, times, location, services, and much, much more.  In Columbia City, IN, Clifford’s Custom Collision is using this web presence to attract potential clients and car enthusiasts. Clifford’s Custom Collision has produced an excellent collision center that specializes in auto body repair and industrial painting with environmentally friendly waterborne paint.  And if collision repair is not enough, Clifford’s even offers truck accessories such as spray in bed liners, A.R.E. fiberglass caps, Stainless Steel nerf bars, and tonneau covers. Collision Center Spotlight continued

Communication is Key

communicatokeyAs we progress further and further into the world of technology, there seems to be no end in sight at the new ways in which to view all of this content.  Everyone seems to be plugged in whether the reasons are personal or business.  While television commercials still hold their value, the ways of billboard and phone book marketing have given way to the internet.  And even within sports stadiums, the bland and old paper poster is being replaced with the vibrant and attention commanding, LED display ads. Communication is Key continued

Independent Auto Body Shop Owners Finally Get a Fair Shake

texflagAustin, TX has seen its fair share of focus as of late, but a bill was passed last week that could interest the independent auto body shop owner.  The Texas Franchise Tax legislation was included in Substitute House Bill 500.  That bill was then presented and signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry.  What was in effect was automotive service shops owned and operated by new or used car dealerships, were being taxed at half the rate used to tax independent automotive repair facilities.  Sounds pretty fair right?  Of course it doesn’t.  That’s why we throw fruits, vegetables, and small auto parts at the system. Independent Auto Body Shop Owners Finally Get a Fair Shake continued

Collision Center Spotlight

CityCenterCollisionServicesCity Center Collision Services We discuss how important a web presence is for your auto body shop, but what does the internet presence look like and provide? For those in the Tacoma, WA area, City Center Collision Services is the hot spot body shop. Owner, Eric Pedersen, has produced an excellent collision center that specializes in auto body repair and auto body finishing with full mechanical repair and maintenance programs. His auto body shop also offers a free 24 hour tow service among their lifetime warranty on all collision repairs and painting. Collision Center Spotlight continued

Be the Collision King

ohyoukingHundreds of thousands of people research to find a collision repair shop, auto body shop or paint and body shop that will suit their needs.  When they research they are taking many factors into account.  While potential customers do not expect your auto body shop to produce a million dollar movie trailer, they do expect good clean graphics and design that informs that you are up to date and a knowledgeable business prepared to offer quality.  Communicate to your audience, which are individuals that need auto body service, in ways that are inviting and exciting. Be the Collision King continued

Growing to Great Lengths

handtreeSo your website is up and running and looks great.  Having a website is a clear indicator that your auto body shop is established and open for business.  However, your website’s content doesn’t exactly change all that much.  Now you’re website is relying on general online traffic from customers or potential customers to drive your auto body shop’s website views.  Obviously a marketing strategy is needed to boost views and popularity in considering your auto body shop to service needs.  That is where the power of social media steps in.  Think of it as a less intrusive way to talk about your auto body shop more effectively than a telemarketing phone call which everyone despises. Growing to Great Lengths continued