Superhighway Attention

popmechinfomag When it comes to your auto body shop, we completely understand. Your business is more than a ‘Like’, a ‘Follow’, a ‘RT’ (retweet), a comment or a share. But let’s not forget what it all means. You are marketing your auto body shop in social media to potentially millions upon millions of users. What you’re also doing is creating a buzz that search engines, like Google, hone in on. Search engines consider anything with “buzz”, to be important. It is the latest and greatest in the world of information and if it is being sought after or discussed or viewed, search engines want to place people where the action is. Super Highway Attention continued

What Is The Goal of Your Web Presence?

gofishy This week, I spoke with a small business owner and we were discussing his business in relationship to technology and in particular the World Wide Web.  He has been in business for 27 years and told me that if he planned to survive, he knew he needed his business showcased as a website along with social media, as well as online auction sites, due to the particular products he sells.  He said, “I really know nothing about computers and technology other than the fact that everything and everyone is online these days.” What Is The Goal of Your Web Presence? continued

Are You at the Top of Your Game, er Search Engine?

In my community, I typed collision repair and auto body shop in my search engine just to Google searchresearch who would come up.  I was shocked to see that the first auto body shop to pop up was 48 minutes and 43.8 miles away from me.  I was especially shocked since I am aware of one that is 2 minutes and 1 mile from my house.  I had even scrolled through 5 pages and the auto body shop 2 minutes from my house never popped up on my search engine.  Now why is this so important? Are You at the Top of Your Game, er Search Engine? continued

Are you using YouTube?

Your auto body shop on YouTube

How to get your auto body shop on YouTube.

By Ed Attanasio

Many body shop owners who have already embraced social media are reluctant to use YouTube to promote their businesses. They feel likes it’s too expensive to produce videos and many claim they don’t have anything to say to their customers. But, once they try it, body shops are reporting positive results via YouTube, with increased traffic to their websites, blogs and other social media sites. They’re tracking new customers from their YouTube videos and discovering the value in these short, informational clips—ranging in subjects from “How to Spray Waterborne” to “Online Estimates” and all the way to things such as humorous T.V. commercials and interviews with customers. painters, body men and even front desk people.

The simple fact is that most successful YouTube videos aren’t professionally produced and involve just one person talking to a camera. They’re shot with inexpensive equipment, without special effects, high-tech sound or any lighting more than sunshine or the artificial light emanating from the light bulbs in your shop. Shop’s normally use employees and friends in their videos and usually the pay is: 1.) Continued employment and/or 2.) A free lunch.

Here are 5 main things to consider when producing YouTube videos to promote your business:

  1. Know the Market

    Spend a few minutes going through YouTube to see what other collision repairers, vendors and jobbers are doing on the site. You will find the videos that do the best are generally funny, upbeat and/or offer useful information. Think either comical or instructional or maybe even a combination of both. Find out what videos in your market have attracted the highest number of views, favorable ratings, most subscribers and best comments and try to figure out what they’re doing right.

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SEO and Your Body Shop

5A body shop has to deal with the uphill task of making itself visible in their local market. Back when people used print resources to get info, body shops could easily engage with their target markets. But today, the internet is the trusted resource for this information. Thus any local business has to first make itself visible to the public for growth to be stimulated. This is achieved through SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO and Your Body Shop continued

Your Auto Body Shop Here

Another Easy, Affordable, and Awesome BlogCWcomputeruser There really is no better feeling than having a business that is not only busy, but getting the respect it deserves from the community.  The masses taking the time to talk up your auto body shop really couldn’t be better for advertising.  The complimentary remarks drive others to want the same experience when they find themselves in need of the same services.  Collisions are already a highly stressful time in a customer’s life.  They want and need a reliable auto body shop that gives them a reliable and easier service to restore their vehicle and place them back into society.  They want a service that makes them whole and evaporates the headache. Your Auto Body Shop Here continued

Ban the Bland

What Customers Look Forelvis-toast When it comes to websites, how they engage a viewer is hit and miss.  For example there are websites out there that are too informative.  Which is, the content seems to be the focal point, and the designer threw in a splash of color to hopefully keep the readers attention.  There are websites out there that are so bland it makes a piece of toast look interesting.  There are even websites out there in which the graphics, design, and content do not even necessarily flow, leaving a reader or potential customer baffled.  So what do customers want your auto body shop website to look like? Ban the Bland continued

Calling All Auto Body Shops

Let’s Put Together a Team150547_453752528004510_952976751_n In business it’s hard to find anyone who believes in your product and services more than you.  Relying on word of mouth is something every business leans on; however, the longevity of this marketing strategy does not give your body shop much of a chance.  Auto body shops, like any business, must put forth a visual presence in order to remind customers what they, hopefully, already know.  That when it comes to reputable and reliability, your auto body shop offers the very best in satisfaction when it comes to quality collision repair. Calling All Auto Body Shops continued

From Resolution to Solution

NYE Edition As a New Year dawns, resolutions are being set as a preparedness of starting fresh and new while kicking bad habits to the curb.  Most prepare by organizing their thoughts and agendas with a new mindset and game plan.  Typically it is to better a situation or eliminate those problematic issues that require attention.  When an owner views their body shop, they also want to address the issues that could use improvement to better their business.  Starting fresh could mean reevaluating how your body shop communicates with the community around you. From Resolution to Solution continued

Do You Have Time?

Customers Do Bad weather and bad drivers is an auto body shops best friend.  No marketing, no word of mouth, and/or bad reviews are not auto body shops, or any businesses, best friend.  While any auto body’s success by way of quality and reliability is performed in house, the marketing and word of mouth are done outside of your shop.  Finding time to perfect your craft is as easy as allowing those who design and market, to design and market.  If you know that your body shop offers the best overall results far and wide, get that same world wide attention without hassle. Do You Have Time? continued