5 Ridiculously Awesome Reasons to Start Using a Page Builder Right Now

Today we’re talking about 5 ridiculously awesome reasons to start using a page builder right away. 

What is a Page Builder? 

That’s a great question to start with, especially if you’re looking to create or update your body shop website. 

It’s so easy to confuse page builders with website builders and, while they are very similar, it’s crucial to know the difference and to know what you’re getting when you pick a website service. 

Basically, page builders and website builders are both tools that let you create your website without needing to know code. 

However, while website builders give you some control over the bones of your website (think colors, fonts and the content at the top and bottom of your site where your logo, navigation and contact info live), page builders give you greater control over the meat of your website. By that we mean the text and images that you customize for each page. 

5 Reasons You Should Be Using a GOOD Page Builder 

1) You Can Harness the Awesome Power of Pre-Built Templates 

Whether you’re creating a contact page or a landing page, templates can make your work so much simpler. Why stare at a blank page wondering what to include and how to lay it out when a template can do the work for you? 

2) You Can Drag & Drop Content 

It’s SOOO easy to rearrange content with a page builder.  

You want columns? No problem.  

Think that image would look better up top? Easy. 

A good page builder lets you easily arrange and rearrange your page, quickly style elements without code and add animations and effects without pulling your hair out. 

3) You Don’t Need to Learn Code 

Want a border, flip card, row transition? Don’t bother learning the code. Use a page builder. 

4) You Can Create Great Visuals 

A good page builder makes all the difference.  

Yes, you can create a simple page or post with just text and images – though I still recommend using a good page builder to do that if only for the ease of rearranging bits and pieces. 

But you can also add animations like hover effects, flip cards, row transitions, borders, accordion tabs, and sooooo much more. 

5) A GOOD Page Builder is Easy to Customize 

Pre-styled and prebuilt elements are an amazing timesaver and can add so much ‘pop’ to your website. 

But if you’re stuck with a style that doesn’t fit your look, you end up creating a Frankenstein/patchwork website instead of the seamless beauty you were shooting for. 

Collision Websites’ page elements – templates, rows, columns, animated content – are almost all customizable. From buttons to images to basic text boxes, you can customize nearly every piece to suit your shop. 

Collision Websites’ Website & Page Builder 

We’re a digital marketing company specializing in body shop website building for auto body shops.  

We provide a number of top-of-the-line body shop website templates pre-loaded with professionally written content.  

Our templates are pre-built using our super powerful and intuitive Page Builder. 

That means that while you can get a great looking website up in about 5 minutes, it’s also crazy easy to customize your site for your shop. 

Collision Websites isn’t just a badass website builder though. What makes us different from the other guys is that we host AND manage your website. We’ve gone into more detail about what that means here, but basically, we give you the peace of mind of knowing your body shop website is up and running and secure without you worrying about a bunch of server nonsense. 

More than that though, we offer a level of support you just don’t get from other website builders.  

Go ahead and take this one thing of your plate. You deserve it. Check out our professionally built body shop designs, learn more about all the great features we offer, then, if you like what you see start a FREE 14-day trial. We won’t ask you for your credit card to start the trial and if you choose to upgrade into a paid plan we won’t lock you into any long-term contracts. We’re here to help you, not pressure you.  

Shoot us an email at support@collisionwebsites.com if you want to learn more. 

Keep safe and be awesome. 

*Level of support available depends on your subscription tier. All features and support mentioned are relevant to the date this content was published. Collision Websites retains the right to modify product offerings at any time. 

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