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5 Signs You Need a New Website Design

Some may argue that their website is not the most important part of their business. That may be true, but only to a certain degree. One thing is for sure though, your website is the most important part of the digital marketing efforts of your business. If you want a strong online foundation for your business, you must have a great website first. Why not start with your website design?

You might think you have a good enough website now, but why settle for good when you can have something great? Maybe it’s time for a new website design now.

Here are five tell-tale signs you need a new website now.

1. Your website does not look good

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” – Brian Reed

According to recent web design statistics, if given 15 minutes,  67% of people would rather read a beautifully designed website than something plain. Almost 50% of people also cited website design as the top factor they consider when deciding the credibility of a business.

Your website design can either make or break your business online. Be honest with yourself. Does your website look welcoming and enticing? Or does it look old and neglected? You want an attractive website that looks professional and can keep up with the expectations of modern consumers.

2. Your website takes too long to load

Keep in mind that your target customers are not patient people. They’re looking for auto body shops that offer a specific service they need at the moment. If your website takes too long to load upon clicking, they won’t hesitate to close the tab and search for someone else.

47% of internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% won’t hesitate to leave the site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Google also uses page speed as a ranking factor on mobile searches. If your website pages load slowly on mobile, you’re losing your chances for a higher ranking.

Some common causes of a slow page speed include:

  • Too many redirects
  • Unoptimized images and media
  • Unoptimized code
  • Use of render-blocking JavaScript
  • Too many browser caches
  • Too many plugins
  • Unoptimized CSS

You can eliminate these issues and ensure a faster page speed with a website redesign.

3. Your website is not mobile-friendly

Mobile marketing is no longer a trend, it is a must. According to recent insights, 80% of internet users now own a smartphone. More and more consumers are now using smartphones or tablets to search and gather information online. Mobile search traffic had a massive increase over the past few years.

See it for yourself. Try searching for your business using your mobile device. How does it look? If your website does not look good, is slow, and/or hard to navigate on mobile, then it’s time for a new website design.

4. Your conversion rate is low

Your website is getting visitors. Great! You’re having leads. But are those leads converting? A low conversion rate is a bad news. Your website design can be one of the reasons why you’re failing to convert those leads.

Your website visitors should be able to easily navigate your website, find the specific pages they’re looking for, inquire about the services you offer and book for an appointment. Unless you’re able to provide all these, then don’t expect for a high conversion rate

If your conversion rate continues to be stagnant or if you’re receiving a lot of messages asking how to use your website or where to find certain pages, then it’s time for a new more user-friendly website design.

5. You have something new to offer

Not every reason to redesign a website is negative. Sometimes it’s good: your business has developed and grown, with changes like new branding or new services. You want to share those on your website.

Updating your auto body shop’s branding with a new name, logo, tagline or color scheme? Make sure your website reflects these changes. Introducing a new service or product? That’s a vital information that should be in sync with your website. A new design guarantees that your changes in your brand, products or services are properly highlighted in your website.


A great and optimized website can give you all the high ROI benefits you’re looking for in the long run. Your new website does not guarantee a jumpstart for leads and conversions, but it’s the first step.

Keep in mind that a new website means a major change for your business. It might require fundamental modifications to your marketing strategy or updating your brand in the process. The signs listed above help you decide if you really need a new website design now.

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