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A Guide to Page Title Optimization

An SEO strategy needs all four corners of a website optimized to be effective. The page title is often given the least attention when in reality it should be as important as the other parts.

A page title is what you see at the topmost part of your browser. When you perform a Google search, the results display texts you can click on – these are the title tags/page titles. When your auto body shop shares something on Facebook, for example, the page titles appear on your feed with the link preview.

Why Optimize your Page Title

A great page title leaves an impressive mark not only on your audience but on search engines as well. Page title optimization helps you achieve a strong presence for your brand right from the start.

Your page title speaks of your webpage’s message with just a few yet powerful choice of words. It plays a huge role in letting search engines determine what your webpage is about.

When users visit your website, being redirected from the keywords you’ve optimized, the first thing they see is your page title. It’s best to give your audience and the search engines a good first impression.

People tend to favor brands over unknown ones. When a search result shows a clear indication of a brand, it is more likely to gather clicks. Showing your brand name in every page title will help boost your chances of getting famous locally or even in the state as the auto body shop website with answers!

Page Title Optimization – Doing it Right

Google has been the most used search engine for several years. It has garnered most of the search traffic in both desktop and mobile. For this reason, your auto body shop website needs to follow the standards set by Google to improve rankings.

The following are some powerful and Google-friendly page title optimization tips you can consider in enhancing your website’s ranking.

Be careful with your target keyword

Your target keyword should also appear on your page title.

Your target customers looking for auto repairs tend to look at the first few words of any headline, print or online. Therefore, to attract more people and get the visibility needed, you should place your keyword at the beginning of the page title. Also, this is a practice in SEO for your title tag.

Google decides which websites are best, and these are ones that offer information to users appropriately. Every page of your website should be as informative without being overwhelming with your keyword. The same applies to your title tags. Avoid using synonyms and keyword stuffing.

Don’t be wordy

It can be challenging sometimes to restrict the number of words you use for your page title. Remember that if you have long titles, not all of the words can be seen on a search result. You don’t want it to be too short also.

Create your page title at 50-60 characters, best at 55. This includes special characters and spaces in between. Blog posts and social media shares benefit more with long titles while landing pages and product pages work best with short ones. Don’t be tempted to use all-caps too.

Think like your user

Your target customers remain as your top priority in optimizing your page title. People are inclined to click on your page title when it’s something they find easy to read and useful.

Your first point of contact with a prospect is when they make a search. Be sure to offer them a good description of your brand and webpage through your page title.

What do you want to see in a result when you do a search? Your page title should be about that. Will you click on it if you saw it? Be descriptive and truthful about your brand, and enticing enough to get you a click.

Page Title Optimization Specialists

Digital marketing and SEO is a fast-moving landscape, together with its changing algorithms and ranking factors. You need to put in a consistent amount of effort and time.

In this busy world where every day gets busier, you may have not enough time for keeping your website SEO optimized. An SEO specialist can maintain your auto body shop website’s ranking and keeping it in tiptop shape with Google.

The way to reach your goals in the digital world is having your content and website optimized. Page title optimization is a great way to start.  Contact us today to know more about page title optimization and other SEO techniques!