Are You Thinking About Skimping on Web Design Because of Costs?

It is actually a pretty common occurrence to hear an auto body shop or collision center owner dismissing the power of the internet.  In particular websites, or at least website design, as well as social media which can really frighten an owner given that it is so readily available to the public.  That publicity, however, is exactly what a business and auto body shop should have in order to introduce their services and drum up business.  While social media already adorns a predetermined platform, a business website is an open canvas waiting to be painted with ideas, information, technology, and pictures. If you are researching and gathering quotes, costs, and ideas, all can easily get out of hand with the countless number of ways that a website can be decorated and designed to serve your business needs.  A designer is literally going to spend hours upon hours to design an outstanding website that showcases your business, but also showcases the designer’s talents.  I mean, let’s be honest.  A designer actually uses your websites for portfolios, bragging rights, and a selling point for future jobs.  And that is to be expected, however, high costs getting out of hand can be expected as well.  Unless you’re a fortune 500 company, the odds are this method of advertising and marketing is beyond necessary. Enter Collision Websites, with pre-designed pages and web layouts already laid out for use by your auto repair shop websites and/or collision center.  This pre-designed platform is affordable and designed in a way that is simple, yet sleek and effective.  You get to arrange your site, your way on a budget friendly step-by-step process that gives you more than just web pages and web designs.  You get to arrange, place pictures, and create web content (wording) to your customers in a way that gets to grit of your business. For all the perks and a no nonsense price, because we don’t make you hunt down information when direct is the best method, visit: Contact info: / Email: / Phone:  866-341-9636