Collision Websites

The Launch Officially Collision Websites launched at the beginning of November.  Conceptual and innovative; sleek and smooth, just like the work your auto body shop produces when the work is complete.  But how do customers find you?  Better yet, are you inundated with talking to potential customers instead of actually doing the job you set forth to do?  Your business was created to provide a service, not talk about it. Collision Websites was created to do just that for your auto body shop or collision repair center.  To talk about your business and help inform so you can get back to doing what your business is built around.  Website design is costly and web designers get paid by the hour for their labor.  Designers prefer an idea and if you don’t have one, then they will spend hours putting one together for you.  All in all, it adds up to a really hefty price tag.  But what if there were templates that allowed you to quickly choose your design, your background, insert some quick and simple content including your auto body shop’s name and presto?  Collision Websites offers just that. Your business can be live in minutes; not days or weeks.  And the best part is that it can all be done in your down time with or without assistance.  What more could you ask for except paying zero in set-up fees and $0.00 on for a 14 day free trial.  That’s zero, nothing, nada and zilch.  If you think that’s a load of perks try this:  Getting your auto body shop driven in the right direction is your goal and ours.

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