Why Your Auto Body Shop Should Think About Social Media

content creation for collision websitesIt is a fear that not only auto body shops have, but any small business.  The fear these businesses share is that social media will do more harm than good.  Truth be told, for 99.9% of businesses using social media to market and advertise their business or auto body shop, their efforts prove just the opposite.

The fear of negativity hurting your auto body shop is a valid fear.  No business wants the backlash of mis-communication, but the truth really does rest in the fact that not everyone is going to be satisfied with a product, service, or customer support.  If your auto body shop is of the quality you require and others have come to expect, one or two customers dissatisfied for whatever their reason, should not dictate your marketing and advertising strategy.  Remember, your auto body shop has achieved thousands of satisfied customers that have used your shop and are willing to recommend those services to family and friends.

A phone call to a stranger seems intrusive right, but your social media presence sitting in wait to be discovered by the next browser is far from it.  Imagine each person who has a social media page, in the same manner as a person with a personal phone number.  Instead of your business doing cold calls to reel in customers, you’re actually presenting your auto body shop to the world of social media to be recognized by potential clients and past satisfied patrons.  A business flyer posted to the internet.

Let Collision Websites help achieve your goals in becoming the best auto body shop you can be in and around your community via a solid web presence from website design to social media marketing.

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