The Awesome in Website Advertising

When you think of your website, what do you envision?  Do you see it as a fancy way to locate your number and location or do you see it as the marketing and advertising tool that it really is?  What’s the difference, you may ask.  The difference is simple.  When you look in the phone book for a name and number, there it sits among the other names and numbers.  Bland and not saying anything about your auto body shop.  Instead, it really just says, here we sit among the other options of auto body shops.  Pick one, call, ask questions, and come by for an estimate. Your website is beyond the endless sea of names and numbers and offers an insight into your auto body shop.  The look, the feel, the expertise, the visuals of other collision repairs completed, testimonials, and the list goes on and on.  What you’re giving a potential customer and/or client is a personal connection to your auto body shop.  In turn this projects an honest familiarity or relationship that communicates comfort, reliability, and work ethic through your website.  And the best part is it sits alone on its own page with no other shop to contend with. Have your website work for you by advertising and marketing your auto body shop today.  Start with a free 14 day trial with no hidden fees and an up-front cost.  There are no set up fees and you can cancel anytime.  Monthly costs typically touch upon a grand for good advertising.  With our affordable pricing, you can save that money for auto body shop tools or office supplies.  Click on today and convert your shop into a collision king. Contact info: / Email: / Phone:  866-341-9636