Ban the Bland

What Customers Look For When it comes to websites, how they engage a viewer is hit and miss.  For example there are websites out there that are too informative.  Which is, the content seems to be the focal point, and the designer threw in a splash of color to hopefully keep the readers’ attention.  There are websites out there that are so bland it makes a piece of toast look interesting.  There are even websites out there in which the graphics, design, and content do not even necessarily flow, leaving a reader or potential customer baffled.  So what do customers want your auto body shop website to look like? Believe it or not, a website speaks as an extension of the quality of work your auto body shop provides.  If your child is 14 years old and helped design your website, kudos to the eagerness and the attempt at being frugal.  However, demographically most are going to think your auto body shop is ran by a 14 year old which leaves a browser or potential customer with doubt.  9 out of 10 people prefer a sleek and streamlined website that provides relevant information quickly without having to search too hard to be introduced and understand your shop.  Offering insight into your services that only appeals to 10% of the masses just means another body shop is plenty busy. Make your website work for you.  Given the price, it is the most affordable salesman you have on your team.  Remember, informative and organized with examples of work, testimonials, and attention to details, sends a message of quality.