Body Shop Website Content Ideas 2021

What is Website Content? 

Website Content is your chance to provide value. Providing value builds trust and trust brings potential customers to your door.  

The best value your website provides is answers in the form of text – aka “copy” – images, etc. But, for today, let’s focus on text. Imagery is a big topic and it demands its own moment. 

What Does Keeping Your Website Content Fresh Mean and How Do You Do It? 

First, Why is Keeping Your Website Content Fresh So Important Anyway? 

We’ve got a whole article dedicated to why it’s SO IMPORTANT to keep you content “fresh” – look for it next week – so we won’t beat that dead horse too much.  

Here’s the gist though, and it’s all about wants.

  • People have questions and want quality answers that are current and come from someone trustworthy
  • Google wants people to keep using their search engine, so they try to share the highest quality, current, answers from trustworthy sites in the form of “search results.” 
  • You want Google to show your website in search results, which means providing quality answers to the questions your potential customers are asking that are current all while showing you’re trustworthy

Quality and trust are deep subjects, and we’ll talk about those in depth another time. 

So, What is “Fresh” Website Content and What Do I Do to Keep it Fresh? 

You probably picked this up from the last section, but keeping your website content fresh basically means keeping it current. 

Of course, you can’t always provide the newest answer to every question. Someone out there will always answer after you. But you can keep your site fresh. 

Showing Google that your website is constantly getting new content shows them that you’re making an effort to stay current overall

That means constantly adding to your site and that means constantly creating content. And the best home for that content is your Blog. 

Two Types of Website Content Ideas to Focus On in 2021

Trending Content vs Evergreen Content 

Trending Content means topics that people are currently searching for en masse. For instance, Covid-19 was obviously a trending topic for 2020 and continues to be hugely active in 2021. 

Evergreen Content means content that stands the test of time. It’s the content that’s relevant today and will continue to be relevant in 2022, five years from now and so on – with little to no maintenance. 

Both have value. 

Trending content can give you a big boost in traffic quickly. If content is trending that means A LOT of people are searching for an answer so if your answer ranks well in Google, well, you get it. This gets you in front of people and starts getting your brand recognized. We’d all rather do business with a brand we recognize. 

Evergreen content is the slow and steady approach. People will come back to evergreen content again and again which slowly builds your authority on a subject. 

How to Discover Trending Topics 

A tool like Google Trends is probably you best bet here. If anyone has good data on what searches are trending, it’s Google. Follow the link and you can search Google for terms that you think are trending and see how well they are really performing or see if a trend is on its way out.  

You can also see daily and realtime search trends for inspiration. See what people are looking for and see if there’s a topic you can add something meaningful to. 

How to Discover Evergreen Topics 

This one’s a lot easier. Your customers will tell you exactly what they’re looking for if you’re listening. 

If you’re not the person who answers the phone and emails, ask the person who is. You’ll recognize the questions multiple customers are asking over time. 

Consider this: if you’ve been in business for a while, a question that you hear steadily over the years is “evergreen” while a question that’s just cropping up recently is “trending.” 

Either way you know that you can provide value to you customers – and potential customers – by making the answers to those questions easier to find. 

And don’t be afraid to repurpose the answers! You can create content for both your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and your Blog. 

FAQ content is concise and available for people already on your site looking for quick answers. 

Blog posts give you the opportunity to go more in depth on a topic. This is your chance to shine in search results and bring in new customers. 

Website Content Ideas for Body Shops in 2021 

Trending Website Content for Body Shop Websites in 2021 

  • How to Safely Get Auto Body Repair During Covid-19 
  • What Should I Do if I Wreck During Covid? 
  • Have Covid-19 Might Be Impacting Your Car Insurance Coverage and Premiums 

Evergreen Website Content Ideas for Body Shop Websites in 2021

  • What is Paintless Dent Repair? 
  • Does Your Body Shop Here Take My Car Insurance? 
  • How Do I Winterize My Car? 
  • How Do I Put on Snow Tires? 

we make it easy to keep your body shop website content fresh 

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Keep safe and be awesome. 

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