Body Shop Website Management – Why You Want It

These days, customers are especially cautious who they do business with, which means your online presence is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER. Website Management is the answer.

Customers want to know who you are and what to expect at your shop before they step out their doors. That means managing your website’s uptime, security and performance is CRITICAL. Let’s talk about what website management is, why you need it – and why it’s better than your standard website builder – and how Collision Websites helps.

What is Body Shop Website Management?

Are hackers using outdated plugins to gain a backdoor into your site? What’s your “uptime?” Is your CMS up to date? Have you set up SSL? Did you have to pay for it? Are the www and non www versions of your URL both working?

A LOT goes on behind the scenes of your website.

Website Management is the simple answer. A website manager makes sure everything is set up correctly, securely and kept that way.

Why You Need Body Shop Website Management

  • You have other things you NEED to do.
  • There’s a LOT to know to do it RIGHT.
  • You need your site up ALL the time, not JUST in time.

Unless you really know what you’re doing or your website is not important to you, delegate the work.

The thing with websites is, they have to be up and running all the time. You don’t just need them sometimes, occasionally, sort of… No. It’s ALWAYS on. So, what you don’t want is the site out of commission while you or someone else works on it. Googles it. Tries to troubleshoot it. Even worse, while you try to find someone who says they can fix it.

It’s like your car. You don’t just take care of it when you need it.

Body Shop Website Management is the Preventative Management Your Business Needs

What you want is Preventative Maintenance. You guys know what I mean. It’s like your car. You don’t just take care of it when you need it. You keep the oil clean, check the tire pressure, change the wiper blades. So that it’s always good to go and so you don’t spend all day trying to get it to start when you really needed to be doing The Thing.

Websites are the same way. You don’t want to be dealing with SSL and plugin updates and CMS updates and plugin conflicts and all that when your site should have been running smoothly and driving customers in the door.

Beyond that, you don’t need to be googling Mobile Optimization Best Practices when you should be dealing with The Insurance Guy. You know the guy. That guy. He doesn’t care about your mobile optimization.

How Collision Websites Helps You Manage Your Body Shop Website

What is Collision Websites? Collision Websites is a digital marketing company specializing in body shop website building for auto body shops. We provide several premium auto body shop website templates pre-loaded with professionally written, body shop specific content. Our templates are pre-built and are so, so easy to customize using our Free Page Builder.

Collision Websites isn’t just a website builder though. What makes us different is that we host AND manage your website. We make sure your CMS and plugins are up to date, take care of security and up-time, set your SSL certificates up for free, and so much more. You can even get training or ask one of our amazing support team to edit your website for you*. That means adding pages, changing images, uploading content. All the things you need to do and don’t need to spend the time learning how to do.

It’s the ease of a free website builder with the peace of mind of website management and the support and guidance of body shop website building experts who actually care about your shop.

Go ahead and take this one thing off your plate. You deserve it. Check out our professionally built body shop designs, learn more about all the great features we offer, then, if you like what you see start a FREE 14-day trial. We won’t ask you for your credit card to start the trial and if you choose to upgrade into a paid plan we won’t lock you into any long-term contracts. We’re here to help you, not pressure you.

Shoot us an email at if you want to learn more.

Keep safe and be awesome.

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