Calling All Auto Body Shops

Free Trial Website CreationLet’s Put Together a Team In business it’s hard to find anyone who believes in your product and services more than you.  Relying on word of mouth is something every business leans on; however, the longevity of this marketing strategy does not give your body shop much of a chance.  Auto body shops, like any business, must put forth a visual presence in order to remind customers what they, hopefully, already know.  That when it comes to reputable and reliability, your auto body shop offers the very best in satisfaction when it comes to quality collision repair. So why do we say team?  Because we believe in our products and services every bit as much as you believe in yours.  With your auto body shop and our custom website design, we are teaming up to offer a presence on the World Wide Web that allows a window into the your business.  Collision Websites also helps in making collision repair an easier experience on not only the auto body shop owner, but your customers.  Restoring a customer’s vehicle requires many tools, equipment, time, and supplies.  Here are just some of the supplies you can expect inside your personal websites toolbox:

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Social Media Links
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Site
  • Repair Status Updates

For a complete listing go to:  Your shop offers the best in quality collision repair and customers want to see that up front.  Customers cannot appreciate your work if they do not know you exist.  With a custom website for your body shop you can advertise, communicate, interact, and supply everything your business and the customer will need outside of the collision repair itself.