Collision Center Spotlight – Clifford’s Custom Collision

Clifford's Custom Collision WebsiteClifford’s Custom Collision

A website can be an auto body shop’s stage that performs by relaying information that would otherwise tie up the phones.  It shows your work, times, location, services, and much, much more.  In Columbia City, IN, Clifford’s Custom Collision is using this web presence to attract potential clients and car enthusiasts. Clifford’s Custom Collision has produced an excellent collision center that specializes in auto body repair and industrial painting with environmentally friendly waterborne paint.  And if collision repair is not enough, Clifford’s even offers truck accessories such as spray in bed liners, A.R.E. fiberglass caps, Stainless Steel nerf bars, and tonneau covers.

Clifford’s Custom Collision website is full of design and flash with 9 pages of high caliber content and information for current and incoming clients. Once the customer drops off their vehicle, the client can then go online and view the repair status of their vehicle, allowing their auto body shop to focus on the craftsmanship of the job, yet still keeping clients informed.   Create your own videos and/or commercials for a fraction of the cost and post them to your website like Clifford’s Custom Collision, as seen here:  You don’t have to pay to have your commercial on prime time when it’s posted ‘all the time’ online.

Clifford’s Custom Collision is one of many auto body shops and collision repair centers that have produced a desirable web presence through Collision Websites. Visit Clifford’s Custom Collision website at and if your auto body shop is looking for the same five star results visit to start your free trial today.