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SEO: The Reason Other Body Shops are Beating You in Sales

You’ve worked so hard.  You built a company from the ground up. You put together a team of the best body shop technicians in town. You’ve got the equipment, the know-how. You’re in a position to provide the best collision repair in the region.  But, you’re starting to wonder.  What’s the other guy doing that’s…
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Easily Build a Page You Can Be Proud Of with CW Page Builder

Do you break out in cold sweats staring at a blank page?   You know what you want to express, but what are the WORDS that will express it? And the words before that. And after that.   Soon enough your mind is mirroring your page.   Blank.  Instead, imagine pulling out your phone and showing your partners…
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Website Builders vs Page Builders: What Everybody Really Ought to Know

Don’t you wish your website was finished already? The last thing you want to deal with after putting out fires all day is getting started with a builder just to find out it’s the wrong kind of builder and can’t do what you wanted. To sink all that time and money into something just to…
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5 Ridiculously Awesome Reasons to Start Using a Page Builder Right Now

Today we’re talking about 5 ridiculously awesome reasons to start using a page builder right away.  What is a Page Builder?  That’s a great question to start with, especially if you’re looking to create or update your body shop website.  It’s so easy to confuse page builders with website builders and, while they are very…
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What is a Website Builder?

What will be your most productive 5 minutes today?  You know I’m going to say it. Today’s the day you finally get your body shop website up and running. Or, frankly, get a better website for your body shop.  Today, we’re talking about website builders.  Generally speaking, website builders are tools that literally let you…
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Create a Website for Your Body Shop

It’s only going to take you about 5 minutes after leaving this page. Okay, so you know I’m going to tell you how to create a website for your body shop. That’s a given.  What you don’t know, is today’s the day you finally get your body shop website online.   Yes, really.  Even better,…
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