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Press Release

Contact: David Moore, 866-341-9636 Launches November 2nd, 2012

Web site Development and Maintenance Takes the Collision Industry to a Whole New Level

Many owners and managers of collision repair shops are intimidated and stresses at the prospect of developing a quality web site with all of the right features and capabilities, as well as maintaining it without paying a lot of money or sacrificing important time away from running their businesses. They’ve heard the nightmare stories from their colleagues about hiring developers who charged them an arm and a leg without producing or following through.

And that’s why David Moore a 34-year veteran of the collision repair industry has created Collision Websites, a site where body shops can build their own web sites quickly, affordably and easily, with assistance from experts available during every step. It’s a one-stop, fully comprehensive solution to the unending struggle of developing a website that is engaging, useful, convenient for its customers and easy-to-find via organic searches.

Moore has been developing award-winning websites for body shops for the past decade and has been writing code long before that, so he knows the Internet and how it can particularly help body shops, collision centers and associated companies to attract new business and strengthen their relationships with their existing customer base online.

Moore has hired and contracted some of the best-of-the-best web development, SEO, social media and content management professionals to create Collision Websites and he’s justifiably pleased with the results after two years of hard work and innovation, he explained.

“There’s nothing else out there like this right now. We’ve combined everything that’s required for a highly successful website and made it easy for someone with even rudimentary computer knowledge to make a website literally in minutes, rather than weeks and months. And we’ve made it affordable, scalable and flexible enough that anyone can become adept at maintaining and changing the site. With Collision Websites, you don’t have to be at the mercy of an IT company, web developer or any outside contractor. You get control from day one and never relinquish it by using our simplified, point, click and type methodology.”

Signing up and registering for Collision Websites is easy and for the first 14 days, everything is free. By simply filling out a brief, simple form and hitting the submit button, the user can create a fully functioning site with all of the newest technology built-in. After the initial two-week trial period, if the user wishes to sign up for a maintenance/hosting package and keep the web site they’ve created, it costs simply $99 monthly—an unheard of price in any industry. In addition, while many other companies will charge $400-$600 in so-called “setup fees,” there is never a setup fee with Collision Websites. By featuring a number of designs and dozens of distinct backgrounds to choose from, users have hundreds of possibilities at their fingertips to ensure that their website will look completely different from any other body shop in the country. In addition, the user has the capability of changing designs and/or backgrounds as often as they desire. Produced by some of the world’s best designers with experience in creating graphics for the collision industry, these visual templates allow users to create a look that will appeal to browsers, visitors and existing customers alike.

Here’s what a website created on includes:

  • Hosting
  • Domain name (if needed)
  • A mobile site
  • Unlimited pages
  • An EZ text editor for easy editing on the fly
  • An online estimate request section
  • A repair status update system
  • A basic Search Engine Optimization package
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, Pinterest and others)
  • Google analytic integration
  • An EZ before & after photo gallery
  • The ability to change the site’s design or background anytime
  • No long-term commitments that can be terminated at any point
  • Google apps set-up
  • Excellent customer support (via email, live chat, and/or a toll-free phone number) 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (Central Time) Monday-Friday.
  • A Live Chat option, where body shop owners can get their answers quickly and easily
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