Does Your Auto Body Shop Need a Website?

Does your auto body shop need a website? Short answer, YES! While we understand the question needs to be asked, we have strong reasons on why your auto body shop absolutely needs a website.

Getting a website for your auto body shop should not be considered an expense, but rather an investment. Many auto body shops make the mistake of attempting to create their own website. The outcome usually results in a website that lacks a friendly user experience, a cohesive design and any substantial Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Or, auto body shops are simply choosing to not have a website and are missing out on over half of potential business. Website’s put your business on the map, and in this day and age it’s vital to have an online presence whether you’re a big business or small business. With a website you are creating the image of your auto body shop business.


Working in the collision repair industry, you have probably gotten by without a website easily in the past. After all, if a client wants to utilize your service to have their car repaired, they must physically bring their vehicle to the shop. There is no such thing as online car repair! Despite this, there is still the fact that customers will not come to your door unless they know you offer reliable service. An auto body shop website is the perfect way to advertise your company and show your credibility in the industry.

Let Us Make it Easy

Getting your business online with a website can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Collision Websites was created for auto body shop businesses. To make the process easy and streamlined. We know first hand how busy the body shop can be, so while you do the car work we will do the website work.

Our websites offer all the things that are vital for an auto body shop website such as; before and after gallery, repair status update, online estimate, etc. In addition to that we offer all the things that will get your auto body shop website noticed such as; search engine optimization (SEO), mobile friendly, testimonials, hero banner background video, FAQ set up, click to call mobile feature, content creation, etc.

Check out our pricing and website features here. We offer a free 14 day trial with no credit card required, we just ask you give us chance to show you we got your website needs covered.

Running a successful body shop is hard. Getting a new website should be easy. Let us make it easy for you!