Easily Build a Page You Can Be Proud Of with CW Page Builder

Do you break out in cold sweats staring at a blank page?  

You know what you want to express, but what are the WORDS that will express it? And the words before that. And after that.  

Soon enough your mind is mirroring your page.  


Instead, imagine pulling out your phone and showing your partners – or heck, customers – a webpage that YOU created that you’re really proud of. “No developer,” you’ll tell them smugly.  

You CAN defeat the blank page – you just need a kickass page builder. 

What is a Page Builder & What Makes One Kick Ass? 

A page builder is just what it sounds like, a tool that helps you build pages – no code. 

Generally, a page builder is a plugin – a piece of software that adds some specific functionality to another piece of software. In this case, the page builder plugin adds the ability to more easily build pages to the software that you already use to build your website. Learn more about the differences between website builders and page builders in this article. Some website builders come with page builders included, but not all do. 

It’s important to note that not all page builders are created equal. Page builders can be as basic as an old word document – basic text editing, awkward image placement and all formatting breaks when you move any element. Or your pages could be very structurally limited – 300 characters fit here, 1 image fits, there, etc. 

Or, a page builder can be truly amazing and offer almost limitless customization and a myriad of templates and modules to get your creative juices flowing. 

What Can You Do with a QUALITY Page Builder? 

We’ve gathered just a few examples of the awesome things you can do with a quality page builder – like Collision Websites’ builder for example 😉 

  1. Accordions – These are a really great way to organize FAQs and similar information to keep the everything simple and manageable rather than providing a long, overwhelming page of information for customers to sift through. 
  1. Countdown – This is a wonderful way to build anticipation for a coming event while showing the data in motion – reinforcing that time is moving, whether showing that time is running out for a special or promotion or ticking down to a really exciting event. 
  1. Flip Card – Flip cards are excellent for adding motion and interest to a page and for breaking a lot of similar information like services in to bite size chunks. 
  1. Progress Bars – Progress bars are a good way to show capabilities. For instance, maybe you excel in and prefer to work on custom car restoration but also do paintless dent repair. 
  1. Animate Your Services – you could right a paragraph saying you provide auto body repair and auto glass replacement and towing and alignment. Or, you could animate it. 
  1. Animate Your Service Areas – see above re services, but thing service areas. Isn’t it just more eye-catching this way? 
  1. Pricing Tables – Do you offer any services at multiple levels – maybe detailing? Consider a pricing table. It makes it easy for customers to compare plans and digest a lot of information at a glance. 
  1. Call Outs & Calls to Action – It important to suggest an action to your customers. 
  1. Maps – Maps don’t just have to be a box surrounded by text. Make them a beautiful and integral part of your design. 
  1. Easy Business Hours – Display business hours so customers can easily get the information they need. 

Defeat the Blank Page with CW Page Builder 

A quality page builder can cost hundreds of dollars for a subscription meaning, yeah, not a one-time payment. More than that, a lot of times you’ll want to purchase add-ons to get even more effects. 

Our premium page builder is bundled with our website for a fraction (a fraction of a fraction) of the price. 

Get started with a FREE 14-day trial today. We won’t ask you for your credit card and your website will by online in about 5 minutes. 

Stay safe and be awesome. 

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