From Resolution to Solution

NYE Edition As a New Year dawns, resolutions are being set as a preparedness of starting fresh and new while kicking bad habits to the curb.  Most prepare by organizing their thoughts and agendas with a new mindset and game plan.  Typically it is to better a situation or eliminate those problematic issues that require attention.  When an owner views their body shop, they also want to address the issues that could use improvement to better their business.  Starting fresh could mean reevaluating how your body shop communicates with the community around you. Business pages, yellow book, whatever the lingo, its being replaced quickly with personal cell phones, pads, notebooks and anything and everything that has access to the internet.  It’s much quicker than thumbing through pages of names and numbers and everyone is aware that recognized sites find their way to the top of a search engine like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  Once you’re on a body shop’s website you can find much more about that shop than just their name and number in a book full of names and numbers. What’s more is a body shop website is essentially a virtual book or pamphlet of your business.  It reveals much more than a name and number, instead giving potential customers exclusive insight into your shop and services.  Convenience starts by giving potential customers ease in finding your body shop and the information needed to peak interest.  When providing that service, Collision Websites goes the extra mile in allowing your site to function as a communications page to the customer while their vehicle is being repaired. Start your business off in the right direction this New Year.  Don’t just make a resolution; create a solution that will turn your business up to 11.

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