What Is The Goal of Your Web Presence?

Gold Fish jumping from one bowl to another This week, I spoke with a small business owner and we were discussing his business in relationship to technology and in particular the World Wide Web.  He has been in business for 27 years and told me that if he planned to survive, he knew he needed his business showcased as a website along with social media, as well as online auction sites, due to the particular products he sells.  He said, “I really know nothing about computers and technology other than the fact that everything and everyone is online these days.” While most can relate, I asked him if he was aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  He said he was but didn’t know how it worked, which is why he left it up to his marketing employee.  So then I asked him what his employee was marketing towards.  What was the goal he was looking to achieve by his business being online?  He said the demographics in relation to his business seemed to be men 55 and older and he was looking to widen that scope to at least 35 and over.  It is certainly a fantastic goal if the marketing strategy is there.  But is it? Social Media platforms certainly play to a younger demographic especially when you’re trying to introduce your business to a potential audience.  Secondly, your SEO needs to cater to a younger audience as well.  Search engines latch on to the information that is being entered behind the scenes.  By entering content, videos, images, local information and anything that talks to a younger audience, you will be able to engage and apply the demographics you are looking to sustain.