Online Estimate Request

It’s not what you think

Let’s get this out of the way first. This isn’t one of those online tools that claims to make your life easier while actually giving you more work to do. You don’t want to do an estimate on a potentially complicated repair online. You want to bring that potential customer into your shop, see the damage and give them an accurate idea of what you can do and what it’ll cost.

This IS the tool you’re looking for

You’re busy. You’re running your shop, talking to insurance adjusters, overseeing repair work, doing repair work. Then you go home – eventually. You’re relaxing, you’re drinking a margarita (why not?) and you get a phone call from a potential customer who’s just been in an accident. Or maybe you don’t get a call – you get a voicemail you check in the morning.


They go to your website. They fill out the Online Estimate Request form. They tell you the year, make, model of their vehicle, what happened, a little about the work they think they need done AND they send you pictures of the damage. They instantly get a message letting them know you’ll get in contact with them as soon as possible.

You get all the information you need up front, immediately emailed to you. You keep a record of the information online. You get a lead.

Then, you do whatever you want. Message them right away. Finish your margarita, then call them. Get back to them in the morning. You decide. They already feel good knowing they’ve taken the first step to getting help. You’ve already gathered the information you need to set up an in-person estimate at your convenience. All without answering your phone.

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