Are You Overhauling Your Body Shop

Auto Body Shop Neon SignOut of the countless number of auto body shops, some will get a face-lift while others will be revamped into something completely new.  There will be new auto body shops in different locations and new auto body shops rebuilt in their same locations.  Some may just consider a new name or perhaps want to expand, while others may want to focus more on auto body painting and detailing rather than the collision side of vehicles.  Whatever reasons the change or fresh start and new venture, the fresh branding of the shop will also require a web presence that matches the new look and feel.

Take the look of your new shop and present it online for current and potential customers to view and share with others.  The brand new look and cleanliness of your shop, as seen online, will be enough to peak interests.  However, the sleek design and user friendly features will give them a reason to stay.  The information as well as the special additions to your auto body shop page is just a fraction of the awesomeness online for your customers.  They can also take all of this on the road with them via their mobile device.  Your customers can get mobile status updates of their vehicle repair everywhere they go.  A feature included with your auto body shop website.

A business that is not online is a business that is not visible and promoting your auto body shop is a key factor to maintaining your business.  See what Collision Websites can do for you whether you’re restructuring your already established shop or starting anew.

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