Repair Status Updates for Your Website

Repair Status Updates for Your Website

Customers get instant updates – You get to keep working

Easy. Awesome. FREE!

Your customers want to know the status of their repair. All your customers do – all the time. And while you’d like to assure each customer that their repair is on track, the constant influx of calls gets tedious. And frankly, you have better things to do.

EASY. In fact, it does the work for you.

You can quickly – and more importantly, easily – keep your customers up to date with the status of their repair without ever picking up the phone. For Free. Our Repair Status Update tool does it for you. Fill out a few details when you start a job – or make your nephew do it. He’s online all the time anyway.

AWESOME. It’s basically magic.

Your customer will automagically receive an email or text message with the details and the job number. Anytime you want to make a change, they’ll receive another message automatically. They can also enter their last name and job number on your website’s Repair Status Update page to check in anytime. And you can keep doing what you love without interruption.

and FREE!

That’s it. Use it as much or as little as you like. It comes FREE with your Collision Websites’ site like a lot of other pretty awesome features. That’s just how we roll. Easy, affordable, and awesome. Just don’t tell our girlfriends.

You can check out the other cool features that a Collision Websites website comes with here, like up to 10 free email addresses and a free domain. Plus a mobile website. And an online estimate request form. Seriously. It’s pretty cool.

Call us toll free at 866-341-9636, email us at or start a free 14-day trial now, no credit card required. You new site will be up in minutes.