The Best Salesperson for Your Body Shop is Your Website

The Best Salesperson for Your Body Shop is Your Website

You need a salesperson. Hear me out.

We all need to save money, make things stretch and keep safe.  

And, at the same time, we all somehow have to keep going. Keep working. Keep growing. 

This is not the time to neglect your website.  

Yeah, I know, it just doesn’t sound like a priority. But here’s the deal: we all need our businesses. For money, for sanity, for whatever got us into this in the first place. That doesn’t go away.  

You don’t neglect your health. You don’t neglect your car. And you do not neglect your website. 

Here’s why: 

Your Website is the BEST, CHEAPEST Marketer/Salesperson you can hire. Period. 

The Most Available Salesperson 

We’re talking hard worker. This guy works holidays – nights – weekends. And all for no additional pay. 

You’ve got a guy or gal up at 3am after a wreck trying to figure out where to take their car. They’re looking for body shops. They’re looking for advice. They’re looking for a safe place to go in the pandemic that’ll help them back to “normal.”

They’re looking for you. And you’re not available. 

But your website is.

The Cheapest Salesperson

Think of the salary and/or commission of a full-time – and we’re talking FULL-TIME – salesperson or marketer. Think of PTO and Social Security taxes. Or just the retainer fee if you go third party. 

Now think about websites. 

The cost of your website is CRAZY low for the value it generates.

The Most Efficient & Reliable Salesperson

Each form on a website CONSISTENTLY gathers ACCURATE information straight from the customer and saves it for the owner to use at their convenience. 

That’s just smart. Any time you can automate a process, you save yourself time. And that saved time is the time we all need right now. 

The Pain-in-the-Backside Reducing Salesperson

We love customers. Customers are everything.  

And at the same time… How much time do you spend answering questions you know you’ve answered literally a bazillon-jillion-thousand times already? 

It’s not a bad thing. These are good questions! 

But, what if you could answer once. And your website would tell EEEEVERYONE for you? 

That’s a win. 

We’re talking FAQs. We’re talking are you open Super Bowl Monday? Is your staff wearing masks and cleaning frequently? 


Your Website is the Multi-Tasking Master Salesperson of Your Dreams

our website can handle more people daily than you can. 

Your website can handle more people at the exact same time than you possibly could. 

Imagine 1000 people in your lobby right now asking what your services are and when their car will be ready. 

At. The. Same. Time. 

Your website does that. 

Less phone calls, less drop-ins. Less questions. Less interruptions. 

More happy customers. 

The Buts

But my website doesn’t actually make the sale.

Do you have a dedicated salesperson that does? A marketing expert? Or do various people and mechanisms drive traffic, answer questions, make the best case for your service or product and hand the customer off to your team to take the details and process the payment. 

But I don’t need a salesperson.

Don’t you though? You may not call the person on your team – maybe it’s you – a salesperson but if they’re doing the above, they’re making sales. 

But I can’t do estimates online.

That’s fine, you won’t be doing the estimate online. You’re just giving your customer an opportunity to give you some basic information and to request a quote from you. Just let the website funnel customers to you. Call them back or email or text or carrier pigeon – you do you – and walk them through the next steps.  

They’re more likely to move forward with a company they feel like they’ve already started the process with. 

How Collision Websites Helps 

What is Collision Websites? Collision Websites is a digital marketing company specializing in body shop website building for auto body shops. We provide several premium auto body shop website templates pre-loaded with professionally written, body shop content. Our templates are pre-built and are so, so easy to customize.

Check out our professionally built body shop designs, learn more about all the great features we offer, then, if you like what you see start a FREE 14-day trial. We won’t ask you for your credit card to start the trial and if you choose to upgrade into a paid plan we won’t lock you into any long-term contracts. We’re here to help you, not pressure you.

Shoot us an email at if you want to learn more. 

Keep safe and be awesome.