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Website Design

Even for business owners, they must shop to fulfill their needs for home and the office.  As a business owner, do you ever come across a website and wonder how good the business really is based on the look and unappealing design of their website?  There are many websites that I have visited in the past 20 years.  I have literally moved on from one website to another to conduct my business on many occasions because the website and pages did not convey professionalism or seriousness.  When you see a “sketchy” site, you sometimes wonder if it is ran by the same people that send emails informing that you won a lottery in a different country.  And you didn’t even have to participate to win.

The last thing anyone wants, as a consumer, is to be taken or tricked because of our lack of due diligence in researching.  We have a goal in mind, but sometimes there is a tingle on the back of our neck that seems to be alerting us to really watch out.  We search on a website only to start questioning more and more and the next thing you know the arrow is being pressed to get back to the search engine and on to a more trustworthy website.  So what puts us or any consumer at ease?  Well, simply put, design puts us at ease.  Pictures always convey the product, but it also settles a restless mind.  When we focus in on what we need and the display in which it is presented, it reassures us of why we are there and that the business presenting it is also serious about their business and the products and/or services they represent.

If you’re auto body shop is looking for some serious design, think Collision Websites.  We have designs galore and the look and feel that you need to be a successful auto body shop website owner.

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