Things to Look for a Great Auto Body Shop Website

Finding the perfect auto body shop website can seem like a tedious task, but it is something you should not delay any longer. 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world’s population are now using the internet. Purchasing goods and booking services online are now a common practice around the world. You need a website for your auto body shop.

Here are some things you need to look for a great auto body shop website.

What Makes a Great Auto Body Shop Website

1. Customer-Friendly

Every website is meant to be used. Keep your customers in mind when choosing or creating a website. Someone who just got into a collision or other accident would close your website in an instant if they find it too troublesome.

Having a mobile version of your website is also a must. In 2017, 49.7% of web page views in the US are from mobile devices with mobile web visits growing from 57% to 63%. Your website must be able to keep up with any kind of device. Your auto body shop website needs to be mobile-friendly.

Your auto body shop website should be user-friendly, intuitive and clear from the get-go. Users should be able to find what they’re looking for with effective navigation tabs and do what they have to do in your website with uncomplicated buttons and forms.

2. Professional Appearance

A website with a polished, professional look and feel can ultimately lead to a great first impression. Users usually stray off shabby, homemade looking websites. You want to build trust and credibility with your website.

When it comes to design, simplicity is still beauty. No need to overcomplicate your website design. Make good use of color. Using 2 or 3 complementary colors is ideal. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes (no neons please).

Choose professional looking fonts too. Make sure texts are readable by choosing the right font size and color. You wouldn’t want your website to look like your grade-schooler nephew chose the font for you.

3. Helpful Content

Your website should contain all the necessary information. As an auto body shop, contact information and your location is a must! And it should always be readily available on your website. Other important content you need to secure are – the services you offer, special promos or discounts, and feedback from previous customers.

Less is more. Avoid unnecessary wordiness. Not all people read websites, especially not those who just got into a collision. Most of your target audience will just browse through your website. The content should be refined down to the essentials.

4. Search Engine Optimized

Your website will be fruitless if potential customers can’t even find you on the web. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website visibility and increasing traffic to your website. All content and the website itself must be optimized for search engines. Writing effective page content and blogs is one way to optimize your website.

Don’t Settle – The Perfect Auto Body Shop Website

You may have learned that in all things –  especially business – we have to choose only 2 of these 3 things: Speed, Affordability and Quality.

You’ve been taught you can have something fast and high-quality if you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg. Or something fast and affordable at the sacrifice of quality.

This just isn’t true.

It is true that creating a website on your own is not an easy task. Hosting sites, web design, CSS, HTML codes – it will take a long time to learn them all. As an auto body shop owner, you don’t have much free time to figure out how to create a website.

It’s time to claim your shot at Speed, Quality and Affordability. The perfect website for your auto body shop can be easy, affordable and awesome if you make the right choice.


A straightforward and uncomplicated website is perfect for you. Look for a website provider who can create your auto body shop website with no qualms and complications involved.


Websites are typically expensive. So finding the perfect website that is also affordable can seem impossible. It’s not! You can get yourself a professional and high-quality website with body shop specific custom features at an affordable price


A website meeting its purpose to provide good service to your customers is a must. Your website should offer repair status updates, online estimate requests – your 24/7 online lead generator, and other awesome features.


Collision Websites proves that when combined, easy, affordable and awesome give you the perfect auto body shop website you’re looking for. We’re saving you from the worry of having to choose between speed/ease, affordability and quality.

Easy. You can have your website online and running in a matter of minutes.

Affordable. Enjoy your 14-day free trial with zero setup fees, no hidden charges and no credit card required. Then upgrade to one of our affordable monthly subscriptions packed with value.

Awesome. Your website is equipped with all the essential features to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Your auto body shop deserves only the best website. Check out our introduction to the Collisions Website App now!

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