Are You at the Top of Your Game, er Search Engine?

In my community, I typed collision repair and auto body shop in my search engine just to Google Searchresearch who would come up.  I was shocked to see that the first auto body shop to pop up was 48 minutes and 43.8 miles away from me.  I was especially shocked since I am aware of one that is 2 minutes and 1 mile from my house.  I had even scrolled through 5 pages and the auto body shop 2 minutes from my house never popped up on my search engine.  Now why is this so important?

The obvious reason being that an auto body shop almost an hour away from me has gained my attention.  There are several factors as to why this body shop has popped up.  Not only has it shown up in my search, but it is in fact, the first website that Google hit on.  This is very important because Google takes into account my area based on my zip code.  It also takes into account the SEO keywords that seem to scream at Google like a carnival barker screaming into a crowd, “YOU NEED AUTO BODY WORK DONE?  WE’RE NOT NUMBER ONE ON GOOGLE’S SEARCH ENGINE BECAUSE WE SIMPLY HAVE A WEBSITE!”  This in turn means there is a lot of traffic from people like myself, looking for these types of services.  Then leading me to think, if people are visiting that website so frequently, does that mean they are superb at what they do?  Drawing me to not only visit the site, but research the company for any and all reviews hoping I found the best and trying to find reasons to make the commitment given the distance of the location.

Simply put, there are several key factors happening that allowed for this auto body shop to show up on page 1.  It is the equivalent of being in an arena full of people that all agree that your auto body shop is heads and tails above the rest.