What is a Website Builder?

What will be your most productive 5 minutes today? 

You know I’m going to say it.

Today’s the day you finally get your body shop website up and running. Or, frankly, get a better website for your body shop. 

Today, we’re talking about website builders. 

Generally speaking, website builders are tools that literally let you build your website without touching code. 

I know, that’s pretty vague, but accurate. 

More often than not we’re talking a website or software – online or offline – that helps you build your website starting from a template. 

Offline builders are generally applications that you download to your computer. You use these to build you website offline, then find a third-party to host your website. 

Online builders are generally the simpler option. These let you build your site online and generally handle the hosting for you making it a lot simpler to get going. 

An online builder can be a great way to get your website online, but they’re often more difficult to use than we’ve been led to believe and customizing your website’s pages – not just the overall look of the website – can be tricky or impossible. 

Website vs Page Builder

What is the difference between a website and a page builder? It’s a great question and one that we’ll dive deeper into in another post. 

For now, we’ll say a website builder gives you some degree of control over your website look overall, while a page builder gives you greater control over the layout of the content of each page on your website. 

If your builder doesn’t include a page builder, you’re missing a big part of the equation. 

Both website builders and page builders have their place and it’s critical to know what you’re signing up for. 

Is Collision Websites a Website or a Page Builder? 

Great question! And the answer is… yes! 

Collision Websites is THE best and simplest website builder geared specifically for body shops. 

AND Collision Websites includes the best page builder with your new website. 

It’s the best of both worlds.  

When you start your free trial, the website builder builds your body shop website for you in 5 minutes.  

No joke. 

5 minutes in and your website is ready to show to customers.  

Then you use our oh-so-powerful and intuitive page builder to get just the look you want out of your page content.  

But don’t worry, we already built a lot of really cool looking content for you with awesome visual effects so you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to. 

Why Choose a Body Shop Website Builder Instead? 

We’re Just Better. And We’re Okay with That. 

Yes, Collision Websites is a kickass website builder with an awesome page builder. 

But we’re so much more than that. 

We’re a body shop website builder. 

Here’s the deal. 

Most builders are SUPER generic. They have to be. Their game is to serve as many different types of businesses as possible. 

We’re not your typical website builder. 

Collision Websites was born and bred out of the Collision Repair industry. People who’ve actually worked in and run shops built and run Collision Websites. 

We built this for you.  

Not only is your website online in 5 minutes, it’s already filled with professionally pre-written content just for body shops

AND the body shop information you provide when you start your trial is placed in that great content so that it’s already personalized for your shop. 

Plus, your site comes with great body shop images too. 

And great tools like an online estimate request, before and after gallery, collision repair FAQs, and more. 

What Have You Done Today to Make Your Body Shop Better? 

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