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Another Easy, Affordable, and Awesome Blog There really is no better feeling than having a business that is not only busy, but getting the respect it deserves from the community.  The masses taking the time to talk up your auto body shop really couldn’t be better for advertising.  The complimentary remarks drive others to want the same experience when they find themselves in need of the same services.  Collisions are already a highly stressful time in a customer’s life.  They want and need a reliable auto body shop that gives them a reliable and easier service to restore their vehicle and place them back into society.  They want a service that makes them whole and evaporates the headache. When a referral works, it works.  But where do the rest of your potential customers come from when they are not driven to your auto body shop by referrals?  That’s when your website plays a vital role.  Not everyone was happy with John Doe’s Body Shop.  So their ex-customers tell their friends, that they do not recommend John Doe’s Body Shop.  Those potential customers hop online for a different experience than that given to their friends.  What appears is Your Auto Body Shop and so the potential customer clicks to make a quick evaluation given their proximity.  What they find is a sleek and organized website worthy of attention.  Now their interests have peeked and the initiation begins. That’s when your auto body shop has the opportunity to shine and turn a potential customer into a repeat customer.  Soon all their complimentary remarks will be all about Your Auto Body Shop and a flood of potential customers will all become repeat customers.  All generated by your auto body shops website.  What a game plan!