Optimized for Search Engines

What should my website say?

It’s not easy knowing what to write for your website. Not only are you trying to write about how great you are, you’re trying to write what your customers are looking for. And what Google is looking for. And you’re answering the phone, writing up estimates, pretending you like the insurance adjusters… you’re busy!

Your new website comes pre-loaded with professionally written content. We’ve done all the hard work for you. Now go drink a margarita on the beach. Or handle that pesky insurance adjustor in the lobby, whichever.

But how do I optimize my content for Google?!

Don’t worry about it. We already did.

Not only is the content pre-loaded on your website. It isn’t just professionally written. It’s already optimized with great keywords to help you get found in search engines like Google. We’ve researched the keywords and added them to your site. Great keywords specific for your industry like Auto Body Repair, Collision Repair, Auto Body Technicians, Auto Body Refinishing, and so much more.

We’ve even peppered your City Name throughout your site to help you rank in local search results.

How do we know your City Name and how did we already get it added to the site you haven’t made yet? Hard work, an awesome development team and magic .

Don’t like the awesome content we’ve suggested?

No problem! You can wordsmith to your heart’s desire.

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