Do You Have Time?

Customers Do Bad weather and bad drivers is an auto body shops best friend.  No marketing, no word of mouth, and/or bad reviews are not auto body shops, or any businesses, best friend.  While any auto body’s success by way of quality and reliability is performed in house, the marketing and word of mouth are done outside of your shop.  Finding time to perfect your craft is as easy as allowing those who design and market, to design and market.  If you know that your body shop offers the best overall results far and wide, get that same world wide attention without hassle. So you have a vehicle, or vehicles, in your body shop and the customer, or customers, are bombarding your shop with phone calls.  It’s great that a secretary is there fielding all those calls, but its taking away from filing, setting up appointments, invoicing, finalizing a sale with a customer, inspecting the vehicle with the customer upon exit and all other numerous office duties.  Now imagine that you have a page online where the customer can log in and view the process of their collision repair complete with notes and pictures showing the vehicles progression.  At that is no longer a dream from a creative mind, but a reality. *Click on the pic to see full example of page. As a body shop, you are committed to restoring a customer’s means of transportation while attempting to find the time to do it in.  At Collision Websites we are committed to offering a web presence marketing your business in addition to time-saving features that allow your auto body shop to stay on point.