Growing to Great Lengths

SaplingSo your website is up and running and looks great.  Having a website is a clear indicator that your auto body shop is established and open for business.  However, your website’s content doesn’t exactly change all that much.  Now you’re website is relying on general online traffic from customers or potential customers to drive your auto body shop’s website views.  Obviously a marketing strategy is needed to boost views and popularity in considering your auto body shop to service needs.  That is where the power of social media steps in.  Think of it as a less intrusive way to talk about your auto body shop more effectively than a telemarketing phone call which everyone despises. Social Media gets a bad rap sometimes, because marketing follows and anticipates where an audience is going to be.  But truth is, when someone really does want your services, they want reliable information that they can research to place faith in your auto body shops abilities.  What secures that trust is updated feedback from satisfied customers and recognition about that feedback from the business.  Pictures also speak a thousand words as it showcases the quality your auto body shop produces. An auto body shop can hire another hourly or salaried employee for 50k a year and purchase thousands in advertising on billboards, pamphlets, flyers, and print ads.  An auto body shop can attempt to do the marketing themselves while juggling the ongoing duties such as office paperwork, estimates, ordering supplies and the actual collision repair.  But the smarter route is to compare shop and find a team that you can count on for a fraction of the costs.  You need a team who know their way around advertising, promotions, marketing, and web design.